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SELENE Rescore

Creativity brews joy! When Spitfire Audio released Albion Solstice, they also created a short film directed by Lee Kirby called “SELENE“. When they offered an opportunity to artists to rescore the film, I jumped right in and really enjoyed the creative process of bringing my own interepretive vision to this visually stunning film.

I honestly can’t believe how many intruments I brought to bear on this composition, but can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of it! Well, I did find mixing and mastering a bit tedious, but I really hope you enjoy it! This film was inspired by Albion Solstice, a new (and quite expansive and beautiful) sample library which I was fortunate to use during the composition of this piece. I drew from the Drone Grid, the Hosts, Marauders, the Nursery and Cassette Orchestra. I even had the opportunity to include a patch from the BT Phobos library, too.

A sincere thank you to Spitfire Audio for providing scoring opportunities for the composing community — contests and high-quality films are priceless! I hope you enjoy this short film and my music as much as I did in creating it!

SELENE – Spitfire Audio Short Film – Rescore by Andrew Ernst

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