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Heavyocity Vocalise 3 Trailer Rescore Competition

Heavyocity has been supporting the community of composers with so many opportunities to score and write music for their trailers over the last few years. It’s really inspiring to write to such stunning visuals, and I really appreciate the opportunity to proverbally sharpen my pencils on new materials. Instruments Used: 8DIO – Hybrid NEO II Audio Imperia – Boy Soloists Cinesamples – Voices of War Ethera Gold – Sahara Voices Heavyocity – Gravity Natural Forces In Session Audio – Generate Inside Out Edition Kilohearts – Phase Plant Skybox Audio – Hammers + Waves Ether Spitfire Audio – Albion Tundra Spitfire […]

Hammers+Waves Scored with Ether

Recently, Skybox Audio released a preset expansion to Hanmmers+Waves, their piano-based Kontakt instruments bundle. The Ether expansion contains 100 cinematic atomspheres and really brings some additional inspirational content to what is already a very complete collection. The folks at Skybox offered up a video and welcomed users to write their own score for it. I took them up on the opportunity and actually wrote two different versions of mine. One scored entirely with Ether and the other was a bit more melancholy and scored with a few other presets from Hammers+Waves.

Hammers+Waves Ether Expansion

Metapop Galaxy Scoring Challenge

Native Instruments, Galaxy Instruments and Metapapop sponsored the Produce This #152 Galaxy Scoring Challenge. This was a quick one for me, and the final video represents 36 minutes of production and composing time, as I sat down with that amount of time to compose, produce, export and upload due to a very heavy work schedule and a rather lengthy power outage on the day the score was due. Instruments used: Arturia MS-20 Arturia Modular V3 Westwood Lost Piano SA Recordings Hainbach Landfill Totems Lunacy Audio CUBE Threads expansion Spitfire LABS Cello Moods

SELENE Rescore

Creativity brews joy! When Spitfire Audio released Albion Solstice, they also created a short film directed by Lee Kirby called “SELENE“. When they offered an opportunity to artists to rescore the film, I jumped right in and really enjoyed the creative process of bringing my own interepretive vision to this visually stunning film. I honestly can’t believe how many intruments I brought to bear on this composition, but can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of it! Well, I did find mixing and mastering a bit tedious, but I really hope you enjoy it! This film was inspired by […]