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Metapop Galaxy Scoring Challenge

Native Instruments, Galaxy Instruments and Metapapop sponsored the Produce This #152 Galaxy Scoring Challenge. This was a quick one for me, and the final video represents 36 minutes of production and composing time, as I sat down with that amount of time to compose, produce, export and upload due to a very heavy work schedule and a rather lengthy power outage on the day the score was due. Instruments used: Arturia MS-20 Arturia Modular V3 Westwood Lost Piano SA Recordings Hainbach Landfill Totems Lunacy Audio CUBE Threads expansion Spitfire LABS Cello Moods

Who Should Decide?

Scoring music to picture is such a rewarding way for me to be creative despite being time-challenged outside of my regular daytime career. I’ve been on a journey rediscovering music and composing over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, playing and recording music almost every day. I tend to be way better at multi-hour jam sessions than tracking and recording songs, but when it comes to music composition for film, I really enjoy the creative process of writing and adapting music to fit the mood and structure of the visuals. I decided to enter the Music Cosmos Composer Competition and […]

Music Cosmos Composer Competition 2021

Celebrate Composers Day 2021

We took a moment on September 15 to come together and celebrate composers around the world. Composer Magazine commissioned some small animations and asked the composing community to take some time and develop some ideas and upload them to get the hashtag #Composers trending in celebration. I was able to develop two short cues and put them out there — one being a bit more synth-heavy and the other being mellow and relaxing. It was amazing to see all the different ways people chose to bring their own vision and sonic identity to the work. That’s the most exciting part […]

SELENE Rescore

Creativity brews joy! When Spitfire Audio released Albion Solstice, they also created a short film directed by Lee Kirby called “SELENE“. When they offered an opportunity to artists to rescore the film, I jumped right in and really enjoyed the creative process of bringing my own interepretive vision to this visually stunning film. I honestly can’t believe how many intruments I brought to bear on this composition, but can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute of it! Well, I did find mixing and mastering a bit tedious, but I really hope you enjoy it! This film was inspired by […]