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What’s Brewing (October 2016)

his has been a pretty wonderful year for coffee.  Right now, I have some goodies from Kuma Coffee here in Seattle.  I’m brewing up a washed Kenya Mugaya which is a juicy and tart SL28, SL34 mix from Kirinyaga.  Also lining my coffee drawer is a bag of their absolutely delicious natural processed Ethiopia Wenago.  It’s so distinct and fruit-forward, as is the case with many naturals from Ethiopia, but this particular offering from Kuma was a stand-out for me in 2016. My Colombian coffee hails from Narino and is roasted by Sweet Bloom in Colorado. Every time I look […]

Dutch Cyclist Commentary on US Cycling Facilities

I came across this video earlier this evening when scanning my feed on Facebook.  A friend from Halifax posted a link to this video where a cyclist from the Netherlands discusses the dismal cycling infrastructure that exists in the United States.  I’ve seen this first-hand as a cyclist who both utilized my bike for transportation as well as recreation.  I have to admit that I increased my usage of spandex and lycra when I rode to and from Harborview, because it was about 25 miles each day, and I’d tack on some recreational riding in the evening. Since moving to […]

First day of Spring

The road is long, and sometimes it’s difficult to remember that there’s an end in sight.  Everyone has a journey ahead of them, and we’d be completely ignorant to suggest that we know where the road ahead is going to lead us.  I made this photograph the other day, while it was snowing amidst brilliant sun on the first day of Spring.  When I look at it, I wonder what obstacles I’ll be facing on my journey, but take comfort in knowing that I’m not alone, and that I have support from those closest to me.  

First post since 2011

It’s starting to feel like Spring here in Seattle.  Lunchtime was pretty great, with a walk over to SLU for some tacos with my co-workers.  On the work front, I’ve been spending a good amount of time working on Zenoss monitoring to include sensor data from our cluster of servers.  It’s easiest to pull data from the onboard BMC using FreeIPMI, outputting it in a Nagios-friendly format, and ingesting it into Zenoss.  At times, I’ve been frustrated by the lack of documentation for rolling your own commands to fetch information, but am pretty happy that after getting the necessary wrapper […]