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Who Should Decide?

Scoring music to picture is such a rewarding way for me to be creative despite being time-challenged outside of my regular daytime career. I’ve been on a journey rediscovering music and composing over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, playing and recording music almost every day. I tend to be way better at multi-hour jam sessions than tracking and recording songs, but when it comes to music composition for film, I really enjoy the creative process of writing and adapting music to fit the mood and structure of the visuals.

I decided to enter the Music Cosmos Composer Competition and score “WHO SHOULD DECIDE”, a film in support of Amazon Frontlines. This organization defends indigenous rights for land, life and cultural survival in the Amazon rainforest. We can all be involved in helping the indigenous peoples of Ecuador by signing the petition for the governments to listen, respect and recognize that the Indigenous Peoples have the right to decide what happens to their homes.

Choose Wisely – my entry for the Music Cosmos Composer Competition

Virtual Instruments


I wanted to thank Amazon Frontlines, Music Cosmos, and the sponsors of this competition — Sonuscore, Best Service, Baby Audio, LANDR, Earth Moments, Lurssen Mastering, The Amazonic, Audio Thing, Borth Audio, Bee My Ears, and Cushion Lab

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