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Heavyocity Vocalise 3 Trailer Rescore Competition

Heavyocity has been supporting the community of composers with so many opportunities to score and write music for their trailers over the last few years. It’s really inspiring to write to such stunning visuals, and I really appreciate the opportunity to proverbally sharpen my pencils on new materials. Instruments Used: 8DIO – Hybrid NEO II Audio Imperia – Boy Soloists Cinesamples – Voices of War Ethera Gold – Sahara Voices Heavyocity – Gravity Natural Forces In Session Audio – Generate Inside Out Edition Kilohearts – Phase Plant Skybox Audio – Hammers + Waves Ether Spitfire Audio – Albion Tundra Spitfire […]

Coffee Cupboard: March 2024

When it comes to purchasing and drinking coffee, there are a few things I find difficult to resist. It’s somewhat rare to have them all hit hard at the same time, but that’s exactly what occurs when I see the words Ecuador, Juan Pena, and Sidra together at the same time. I’ve been a huge fan of Juan Pena’s coffees since the first time I tasted the La Papaya at Neptune Coffee in Seattle. They were serving up Spyhouse Coffee’s Imperial Reserve, and I was hooked ever since. The first time I experienced a Sidra varietal was at CoffeeFest in […]

Pianobook World’s Biggest Braam

If you’re interested in hearing some of the worst attempts at someone blowing hot air through a brass instrument, this video must come pretty close. I sample a trumpet, a five gallon water jug and my Arturia Microfreak. The ultimate goal was to create an entry for the Pianobook World’s Biggest Braam sample library and competition. The library will be released on December 25. Pianobook is an amazing community of samplists and composers, many of whom likely can play a trumpet way better than I can. Instruments Used Plugins Used

Soundiron Creator Challenge: Halloween Edition

With the Halloween and spooky season upon us, I took this fantasticly disturbing animation and tried to compose a creepy score that did it justice. The visuals were stunning on this animation, and it proved very difficult to score. This is the fourth of my attempts, and finally was able to get a reasonable melodic line that I was happy with. The first two attempts were very atmospheric and while I liked them, I wanted to do more. The third attempt pulled out some french horns, bassoons and oboes. But in the end, simplicity with two dueling pianos was where […]

Spitfire Audio Bridgerton Scoring Competition

This is my entry in the @Spitfire Audio Bridgerton Scoring Competition. I had a great time working on this, and sorting out starting the project on my desktop, but finishing the project four weeks later on my laptop while on vacation, but I discovered my love of a new addition to my equipment, and how good the @Arturia Micro Freak is as a MIDI controller (especially for pizzicato strings and percussion). Thank you to @Spitfire Audio , Shondaland, @Kris Bowers and @Netflix for the opportunity to score this intro scene. #spitfireaudio #mybridgertonscore #scoringcompetition Instruments Used Aturia – Pigments Heavyocity – […]

Hammers+Waves Scored with Ether

Recently, Skybox Audio released a preset expansion to Hanmmers+Waves, their piano-based Kontakt instruments bundle. The Ether expansion contains 100 cinematic atomspheres and really brings some additional inspirational content to what is already a very complete collection. The folks at Skybox offered up a video and welcomed users to write their own score for it. I took them up on the opportunity and actually wrote two different versions of mine. One scored entirely with Ether and the other was a bit more melancholy and scored with a few other presets from Hammers+Waves.

Hammers+Waves Ether Expansion

Metapop Galaxy Scoring Challenge

Native Instruments, Galaxy Instruments and Metapapop sponsored the Produce This #152 Galaxy Scoring Challenge. This was a quick one for me, and the final video represents 36 minutes of production and composing time, as I sat down with that amount of time to compose, produce, export and upload due to a very heavy work schedule and a rather lengthy power outage on the day the score was due. Instruments used: Arturia MS-20 Arturia Modular V3 Westwood Lost Piano SA Recordings Hainbach Landfill Totems Lunacy Audio CUBE Threads expansion Spitfire LABS Cello Moods

Heaviest Score Challenge

Native Instruments, Metapop and Heavyocity sponsored this challenge with a rescore opportunity for “Damage 2″‘s trailer. This is what I came up with.

Darkstar Haunted House Scoring Competition

Spitfire Audio is running a competition to score an original composition for an artistic clip that celebrates one year of Darkstar’s sample library being available. This library has some great analog synth patches, and has a lot of great opportunities for automating change and introducing lots of motion and movement. Instruments Emergence Audio Violin Textures Spitfire Audio – Darkstar Haunted House Spitfire Audio – Aperture The Stack

Score Relief 2022 – I Catch You

This is my original music composition for “I Catch You” from Four of Wands for this year’s Score Relief 2022 competition and fundraiser. A big thank-you to the Cue Tube and all their partners for making this competition a possibility and having such great materials to work with! Score Relief 2022 is raising money to support the work of In Place of War. 100% profits from the campaign will be donated to In Place of War which is registered with the UK Charity Commission (No 1182594). They enable grassroots change-makers in music, theatre and across the arts to transform a […]