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Pianobook World’s Biggest Braam

If you’re interested in hearing some of the worst attempts at someone blowing hot air through a brass instrument, this video must come pretty close. I sample a trumpet, a five gallon water jug and my Arturia Microfreak.

The ultimate goal was to create an entry for the Pianobook World’s Biggest Braam sample library and competition. The library will be released on December 25. Pianobook is an amazing community of samplists and composers, many of whom likely can play a trumpet way better than I can.

Instruments Used

  • Vincent Bach Trumpet
  • Mountain Mist 5 gallon water jug
  • Arturia Microfreak synthesizer

Plugins Used

  • Arturia Coldfire-DIST
  • Audiothings Valves
  • Eventide Black Hole
  • Kilohearts Fatuator
  • Heavyocity Fury
  • Liquidsonics Cinematic Rooms
  • Plugin Alliance HG-2MS

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