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Spitfire Audio Bridgerton Scoring Competition

This is my entry in the @Spitfire Audio Bridgerton Scoring Competition. I had a great time working on this, and sorting out starting the project on my desktop, but finishing the project four weeks later on my laptop while on vacation, but I discovered my love of a new addition to my equipment, and how good the @Arturia Micro Freak is as a MIDI controller (especially for pizzicato strings and percussion). Thank you to @Spitfire Audio , Shondaland, @Kris Bowers and @Netflix for the opportunity to score this intro scene. #spitfireaudio #mybridgertonscore #scoringcompetition

Instruments Used

Aturia – Pigments

Heavyocity – Ascend

Kilohearts – Phase Plant

Soniccouture – Nykelharpas

Soniccouture – Box of Tricks

Spitfire Audio – Andy Findon’s Kitbag

Spitfire Audio – Bernard Hermann’s Composer Toolkit

Spitfire Audio – BBC Symphony Orchestra

Spitfire Audio – Chamber Strings

Spitfire Audio – Albion Iceni

Spitfire Audio – British Drama Toolkit

SA Recordings – Lea Bertucci Acoustic Shadows

Westwood – Lost Piano

Soundpaint – Tick Tock UDS

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