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Soundiron Creator Challenge: Halloween Edition

With the Halloween and spooky season upon us, I took this fantasticly disturbing animation and tried to compose a creepy score that did it justice.

The visuals were stunning on this animation, and it proved very difficult to score. This is the fourth of my attempts, and finally was able to get a reasonable melodic line that I was happy with. The first two attempts were very atmospheric and while I liked them, I wanted to do more. The third attempt pulled out some french horns, bassoons and oboes. But in the end, simplicity with two dueling pianos was where I landed.

Instruments Used

  • NAMI Audio Hammer and Felt
  • Noon Instruments Toska
  • Plugin Alliance Knifonium
  • Spitfire Audio Hans Zimmer Strings
  • Spitfire Audio Originals Firewood Piano
  • Spitfire Audio Speculative Memories

Plugins Used

  • Baby Audio TAIP
  • Sonible smart:comp 2
  • UVI Shade
  • Plugin Alliance bx_console N

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