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Hammers+Waves Scored with Ether

Recently, Skybox Audio released a preset expansion to Hanmmers+Waves, their piano-based Kontakt instruments bundle. The Ether expansion contains 100 cinematic atomspheres and really brings some additional inspirational content to what is already a very complete collection. The folks at Skybox offered up a video and welcomed users to write their own score for it. I took them up on the opportunity and actually wrote two different versions of mine. One scored entirely with Ether and the other was a bit more melancholy and scored with a few other presets from Hammers+Waves.

Hammers+Waves Ether Expansion

Metapop Galaxy Scoring Challenge

Native Instruments, Galaxy Instruments and Metapapop sponsored the Produce This #152 Galaxy Scoring Challenge. This was a quick one for me, and the final video represents 36 minutes of production and composing time, as I sat down with that amount of time to compose, produce, export and upload due to a very heavy work schedule and a rather lengthy power outage on the day the score was due. Instruments used: Arturia MS-20 Arturia Modular V3 Westwood Lost Piano SA Recordings Hainbach Landfill Totems Lunacy Audio CUBE Threads expansion Spitfire LABS Cello Moods

Heaviest Score Challenge

Native Instruments, Metapop and Heavyocity sponsored this challenge with a rescore opportunity for “Damage 2″‘s trailer. This is what I came up with.

Darkstar Haunted House Scoring Competition

Spitfire Audio is running a competition to score an original composition for an artistic clip that celebrates one year of Darkstar’s sample library being available. This library has some great analog synth patches, and has a lot of great opportunities for automating change and introducing lots of motion and movement. Instruments Emergence Audio Violin Textures Spitfire Audio – Darkstar Haunted House Spitfire Audio – Aperture The Stack

Score Relief 2022 – I Catch You

This is my original music composition for “I Catch You” from Four of Wands for this year’s Score Relief 2022 competition and fundraiser. A big thank-you to the Cue Tube and all their partners for making this competition a possibility and having such great materials to work with! Score Relief 2022 is raising money to support the work of In Place of War. 100% profits from the campaign will be donated to In Place of War which is registered with the UK Charity Commission (No 1182594). They enable grassroots change-makers in music, theatre and across the arts to transform a […]

12 Scores of Christmas

Spitfire Audio invited composers to create a festive song of 59 seconds or less as part of their celebration of the season. I found some inspiring video from and cut together a little video and then wrote this short Christmasy song. It’s the first time I’ve had Davinci Resovle open in 2021, and reminded me that my video editing skills need to be practiced continually. Instruments: 8DIO – Acoustic Grand Ensembles I & II Fracture Sounds – Sleighbells Spitfire Audio – Abbey Road Two Spitfrie Audio – Bernard Herrmann Composers Toolkit Spitfire Audio – Olafur Arnalds Composers Toolkit Spitfire […]

Westwood Lost Piano Scoring Competition

I recently submitted my entry into the Lost Piano Scoring Competition, sponsored by Westwood. I was inspired to create a more intimate score, which was a challenging and rewarding experience. My goal was to avoid accentuating the frustrations, but instead, imagined the protagonist having music in his mind while exploring his childhood home. When he finally discovers the piano, perhaps memories of childhood piano lessons come back, and we complete the film with his attempt to reconnect with that song from his childhood, and play it on the lost piano as the credits roll. I hope you enjoy my entry: […]

Who Should Decide?

Scoring music to picture is such a rewarding way for me to be creative despite being time-challenged outside of my regular daytime career. I’ve been on a journey rediscovering music and composing over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, playing and recording music almost every day. I tend to be way better at multi-hour jam sessions than tracking and recording songs, but when it comes to music composition for film, I really enjoy the creative process of writing and adapting music to fit the mood and structure of the visuals. I decided to enter the Music Cosmos Composer Competition and […]

Music Cosmos Composer Competition 2021

Celebrate Composers Day 2021

We took a moment on September 15 to come together and celebrate composers around the world. Composer Magazine commissioned some small animations and asked the composing community to take some time and develop some ideas and upload them to get the hashtag #Composers trending in celebration. I was able to develop two short cues and put them out there — one being a bit more synth-heavy and the other being mellow and relaxing. It was amazing to see all the different ways people chose to bring their own vision and sonic identity to the work. That’s the most exciting part […]

Spitfire Audio Stargirl Scoring Competition

This is my original composition entry for the Spitfire Audio STARGIRL Scoring Competition 2021. A bit thank you to Spitfire Audio, Pinar Toprak, DC, CW and Mad Ghost Productions for the opportunity to participate in this competition. Any opportunities to blend music, video, composition and the challenge of working with a scene having such varied dynamics (action, relief, tension, sorrow) and finding ways to weave my creativity was a welcome. I wish everyone in the competition the best of luck, and it’s been really enjoyable to listen to other people’s impressions of the same scene!