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Dutch Cyclist Commentary on US Cycling Facilities

I came across this video earlier this evening when scanning my feed on Facebook.  A friend from Halifax posted a link to this video where a cyclist from the Netherlands discusses the dismal cycling infrastructure that exists in the United States.  I’ve seen this first-hand as a cyclist who both utilized my bike for transportation as well as recreation.  I have to admit that I increased my usage of spandex and lycra when I rode to and from Harborview, because it was about 25 miles each day, and I’d tack on some recreational riding in the evening.

Since moving to the downtown core, I haven’t been using my bike as much for transportation than in the past, and I miss the morning rides — seeing the same familiar faces on the Burke Gillman Trail as I approached Magnuson Park or the University of Washington campus.  My routine is missed, because now, I merely have to roll out of bed, shower, and walk four blocks to my waiting computer at work.

But, the purpose of this post was to talk about cycling.  I feel less safe on the streets of Seattle than I did in Nova Scotia, but with more people there comes some additional risks.  I’ve been very fortunate, and in the fourteen years I’ve lived in the area, I’ve only had a couple flat tires, one sort of nasty spill while riding, and no major driver/cyclist issues.  I’d like to see better cycling facilities continue to be built, and hope to see more cycle tracks in the future.

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